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14" wide x 10,000 # x 0.250" Perfecto Servo Feedline, Double End Mandrel, Powered Straightener, Servo Feed, Coil Car
Stock Number: 710-07045
Category: Coil Feedlines
Manufacturer: Perfecto
Capacity: 10,000 # x 14" wide
Model Number: DR100-14/38-14-7/600-14
Max Outside Diameter: 60"
Inside Diameter: 20-24"
Location: Livonia, MI
Max Width of Coil: 14" wide
Max Thickness: .250" at full width
Max Coil Weight: 10,000 #
Machine Stock Number: 710-07045
Additional Specs: Perfecto Coil Feedline
Perfecto Double End Coil Reel
Coil Hold Down Arms
Coil Loading Car with Powered Lift and Travel
Hydraulic Mandrel Expansion
Perfecto Powered Straightener
Seven Rolls x 3.8" diameter
Motorized individual upper straightening rolls adjustments
Stock Peeler Table with Extension
Ultrasonic Variable Speed Loop Control
Exit Thread Table
Perfecto Servo Roll Feed
6" diameter Feed Rolls
Indramat AC Servo Drive and Controls
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