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Littell 24" wide x 5000 # Pull Off Coil Reel with Littell 18" wide Powered Straightener, 18" wide x .093" capacity
Stock Number: 710-07020
Category: Coil Feedlines
Manufacturer: Littell
Capacity: 5000 #
Model Number: 418-7PDL/60-24
Serial Number: 9355-84/87734-84
Max Outside Diameter: 60"
Inside Diameter: 16-20"
Year of Manufacture: 1984
Location: Livonia, MI
Max Width of Coil: 18" wide
Max Thickness: .125" @ 12" wide
Max Coil Weight: 5000#
Machine Stock Number: 710-07020
Additional Specs: 18" wide x .093" thick material
Littell Powered Straightener
Model #: 418-7PDL
Vari Speed Drive
Edge Guides
Entry Pinch Rolls
Individually Adjustable Straightening Rolls
7 Roll Straightener
24" wide Littell Pull Off Coil Reel
4 Leaf Mandrel
Manual Expansion
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