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For Industrial Machine Cleaning and Painting Services, Please Visit:

Specializing in New and Used Pressroom Equipment: Presses, Feed Equipment,
Coil Handling Equipment, Press Parts, Rebuild & Repair Services

28 Stand Tishken Roll Forming Machine, Model 28-HW-3S, 3" diameter Spindles

200 Ton HPM 4 Post Hydraulic Press, 96" x 42" bed area, 38" stroke, 54" Daylight

100 Ton Niagara Straight Side High Speed Press, 48" x 30" bed, 6" str., 30-90 SPM, 22" SH

118" x 60" x 10" thick ram riser plate

Note that equipment is located at one of the Facility Locations outlined on the Directions page.

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